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The trending story of Alejandra Ico Chub, known video of the woman “Miss Pacman” The woman was found with her face split in half; her partner had attacked her with a machete in a jealous rage.

The case of the death of Alejandra Ico Chub, who was known as “Miss Pacman”, has recently gone trending again, a tragic and sensitive case that we will tell you about below, for which discretion is requested given the seriousness of the facts.

ms pacman video twitter, ms pacman original video, ms pacman original video guatemala, ms pacman video woman, pacman woman photos, pacman woman guatemala video, During the night of Monday, October 29, 2018, a series of strange noises that appeared to be moans drew the attention of some residents of the village of La Isla del Norte, located in San Miguel, Guatemala.

home, while Alejandra was bedridden moaning in pain, as she had her hands cut off and her face split in half. Her neighbors pointed out that the young woman was in agony for more than half an hour before passing away, without anyone being able to do anything to help her, because due to the location of the place, it is difficult for medical personnel to come.

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