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Moyo Lawa video trending on Twitter


Nollywood actress Moyo Lawa photos and videos trending on social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In this article, we are going to tell you about Nollywood actress moyo lawa trending videos detail. Why she’s trending on social media.

Moyo lawa

Moyo Lawal is a Nigerian actress born in Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria. She obtained her BSc degree in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos.

Lawal began acting in small play productions when she had been to venture into acting by a friend of hers whilst in school. She took part in the next movie Star Nigerian TV reality show but was unsuccessful in it.

Recently, Lawal broke the internet some few days back after her photos went trending on social media. The actress has however come out to apologies to those that feel about the photos.

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal is currently trending on social media with her private videos being released on the social media.

In a video circulating on Twitter, the popular movie star shared an moment with her boyfriend. Moyo Lawal wear a ‘birthday suit’ as she spent some quality time with her lover.

In the trending video, the actress was captured in second together with her lover. Moyo Lawal could possibly be seen in her ‘birthday swimsuit’ whereas having fun with a enjoyable time together with her lover.

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